This interactive presentation has quite a lot of possibities. I haven't found time to describe them all, let be even finish the presentation itself.
Why don't you fool around a bit? You can always help us!

Some things one might miss

  • The top right readout is also a conversion tool. You can put any number in any field (f, ƛ or eV). The others will be calculated automatically and the whole presentation jumps to the new frequency.
  • If things change when you hover over them, try clicking them!
  • I want to see this on my mobile!
    Things don't line up perfectly.
    Yeah, I'm sorry for that. Positioning and layout is very difficult for this thing. It's not just a matter of responsive design. It's much more than that. I'm not sure if i will ever be able to get it that far. Feel free to throw me some ideas.
    Always welcome to give suggestions about this.
  • Did you know you can make your own additions? Send some data to me and I will integrate it if it fits the possible representations.
    More here on the project page

Help wanted

I could seriously need some help. Been creatig this presentation since 2003 more or less. Since Apple decided to get rid of flash, I had to remake it in standard web technology, which is far less good and fast.
Things I can use help with.
  • Making a help file
  • Aligning and laying out everything on the right place is quite hard. I need help with that. Especially on mobile, responsive desing. I'm not even sure the SVG/HTML combination is the right approach. Canvas better?
  • Scientific corrections. Not everything is exactly right and some things I cannot find on internet. The ranges of matter interactions for instance!
  • Helping make new divisions, like atom spectrum lines, other black bodies, completing air attenuation on other frequencies, regulations, etc.
  • Spreading the word! I am amazed that so few people, especially scientists and physics professors can't reach this presentation even when searching on google! Als linking to us will help. Thank you. I used to be on Wikipedia. But since the flash version has been abandoned, strict wikipedia editors threw me off.


You can always contact me in worst case. See the project page for contact details
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